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Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive Strain Injury, often abbreviated to RSI, is one of the most common reasons for compensation claims against employers. It’s a common condition which can be very debilitating, stopping people from living their everyday lives to the full, and stopping them working. Studies indicate that as many as 1 in every 50 employees suffer from RSI to some extent, so could you have a case for claiming too?

What is RSI?

According to the NHS, RSI is pain you feel in your muscles, nerves or tendons which has been caused by repetitive movement. It mainly affects your arms, wrists and hands or your neck and shoulders. Symptoms vary in severity, but can include pain, throbbing or tingling in the affected area. It’s particularly a problem in people who work in jobs which involve very repetitive movements, such as working on a supermarket checkout, typing on a keyboard, or on a factory production line. The only way to cure RSI is to stop making the repetitive movements until you recover. Employers have a legal duty to identify issues which might be contributing to RSI in their workers, and to take steps to reduce the risk of people developing it. If you have RSI symptoms and think your employer hasn’t done all they could have done, you may have a claim for compensation.

Do I Have Grounds for A Claim?

In order to bring a successful claim for RSI, you’ll have to prove that your RSI has been caused by your work environment, and also that your employer could have done more to protect you. A no win no fee solicitor who is experience in personal injury claims will be able to talk through the basics of your case and help you decide whether you have enough evidence to proceed. If your solicitor agrees that there is enough evidence to go ahead, you’ll sign up for a no win, no fee agreement which reduces your financial risk in taking action. As well as looking at the working environment which caused your RSI, the solicitor will also assess the effect on your life, and whether RAI will stop you from getting employment in the future.

Compensation Levels

The amount of compensation you’ll receive after a successful claim for RSI will depend on the individual circumstances. If your RSI is mild, and should resolve itself in a few months, then your compensation will be less than for someone who has a more severe case needing surgery. A good solicitor who has experience in handling these types of claims will be able to give guidance about any likely compensation level after discussing your case with you. Often, these types of personal injury claims are settled without the need for formal court action. Both sides in any case are eager to avoid going to court as it’s expensive and time-consuming. Usually both sets of lawyers will try to reach an out of court settlement to agree a compensation award quickly and with the minimum of fuss.