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Personal Injury Claims

We’ve all seen the adverts on TV – “If you’ve had an accident which wasn’t your fault…” But what does this actually mean? What sorts of injuries are covered, and how much could you expect to receive? It’s one of the fastest growing areas of the law, and the no win no fee system which allows you to start a claim without paying cash up front has revolutionized the personal injury claims industry.

Basics for a Claim

In order to have a claim for personal injury you have to be able to tick these three following criteria:
• The accident happened within the last three years
• You were injured physically and suffered some sort of financial loss
• Someone else caused the accident or can be held responsible for it

If those three things apply, then it might be worth putting in a call to one of the many personal injury compensation lawyers to discuss the circumstances of your case. Initial contact is usually over the phone, and a claims handler will ask several questions to work out whether they will be able to help you get compensation. If the legal firm agrees to take on your case, you’ll sign up for a no win, no free agreement which minimizes your financial risk.

What Constitutes Personal Injury?

There is a very wide range of accidents and injuries which could result in a personal injury claim. Some of the most common are claims after car accidents, or claims for accidents at work. Medical negligence claims are less common but often involve much larger sums of money. Slips in supermarkets, defective product claims or illness caused by working conditions also fall under the overall personal injury heading. Even if you’re not sure whether your problem is classed as personal injury, you have nothing to lose by speaking to the experts to find out.
Making a Claim
In order to put forward a claim for personal injury, you have to be able to give full details about the accident or event which caused the injury and also show what affect this has had on you. It’s the solicitor’s job to put together the evidence in the case, and this might involve accessing your medical records, asking you to provide receipts for treatment you’ve received, or speaking to your employer about loss of earnings. Once they’ve put the case together, they’ll start speaking to the legal team representing the person who you believe is responsible for your accident. Negotiations over the exact amount of compensation are usually conducted between lawyers without involving courts, unless the case is particularly high-profile or high value. Once everyone is happy with the levels of compensation being offered, you’ll receive your payout and the solicitor will deduct their fee.

What Sort of Money Can I Expect?

Personal injury claims can range from around £1000 up to millions. A minor injury which stops you working for a couple of weeks will mean a much lower level of compensation than life changing injuries caused by medical negligence. Your solicitor should be able to give some guidance on how much you can expect to receive.